Brother José,

I have been meaning to update you on the blessing that the financial seminar has been to our church.  Since we opened our doors for sound biblical teaching on finances and what God had to say to our lives, our member have been striving to get their finances in order according to God’s Word.   I have heard testimony after testimony of how God is blessing them, and showing them to work towards the goals that were presented to them in their financial journey.  Since the seminar, our church has also reaped in financial blessings because our members have decided to put God first in regards to their finances and we have experienced a 24% increase in giving! 

I pray that many pastors would open their doors for sound biblical financial teaching that your ministry has to offer to their members.  If I could be of any assistance in this matter, please let me know so that others may be blessed by being liberated from the bondage of debt.

Your Brother Always,


Felix Robles

AuthorJosé Zambrana