In three years, Debt Free In Christ will dynamically inspire, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, as many people as God provides to adopt simple principles of Biblical stewardship. This will enable the peace that comes with financial freedom in Christ.


The mission of Debt Free In Christ is to simply help people live a debt-free life resulting in financial peace for today and for future generations, while guiding them to faithfully continue living in financial freedom. This will be accomplished by:

  • Teaching Biblical stewardship solutions
  • Creating a simple spending plan
  • Developing financial independence
  • Encouraging success through prayer. 


José Zambrana

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José, the son of Puerto Rican immigrants, José grew up on the streets of New York City. In 1979, José, his wife Evie, and children moved to Warwick, New York. Commuting each day several hours to and from NYC, José supported his family by working as a steam mechanic with the Consolidated Edison Company. Soon after moving to Warwick, José began to trust in and serve the Lord. He became increasingly involved in his local church as a Trustee, Deacon, and Boy’s Brigade Chief Ranger, acting as a Christian mentor to many boys and men. During this time the Lord impressed upon José the importance of debt-free living. In 2003, after working for 33 years for Con Edison, José retired at 55 years of age from Con Edison with medical benefits and a 50% pension.  After purchasing land and a home, sending both his kids to Christian school and college, and putting his wife through college and graduate school, that debt-free life became a reality! This experience frames his down-to-earth presentations which underscore a simple faith in the power of God to change lives.

José has been certified by Crown Financial Ministries as a budget coach (counselor) and a Small Group Leader. He is also a certified seminar instructor in both English and Spanish on biblically-based personal financial empowerment. José has a Certificate in Bible Studies from Moody Bible Institute and has been hosting home Bible studies for many years, particularly on finances with married couples. Presently, José regularly counsels couples on finances and reaches out to Latino communities.

Three and one half years ago, God called José to begin and direct his own financial ministry – Debt Free In Christ, stationed in Souderton PA.  God graciously allows him to teach and bring liberty to many people who are now DEBT FREE or on their journey toward financial freedom by teaching them biblically-based stewardship principles. This teaching was very instrumental in helping one congregation realize the possibility of buying land and building a church debt free!

In April 2016, José received his Pastoral District License from the Church of the Nazarene. The Ministry has a 6-hour financial seminar presenting biblical principles on becoming debt free. In addition, Debt Free In Christ has launched a new Benevolence Program/Workshop teaching churches and church leaders how to establish and run a Benevolence Accountability Program. This workshop specifically aims at recruiting Servant Coaches for the program.

José is energetic, loves family life and enjoys family-based ministry. José and his beloved wife of 46 years moved to Souderton, PA to minister to their immediate family. Evie was a Christian schoolteacher for 19 years. She retired in June 2006 to assist in the ministry. They have one son who has completed his PhD and works as a Physical Scientist for the EPA in L.A. They also have one daughter who is Christian school principal in the Philly area. She has two fast-growing sons, and an adorable adopted daughter. Our son-in-law is now pastoring his first church in South Philadelphia.

José and Evie are advancing forward with a clear vision and purpose, and in the strength and power of the Holy Spirit to spread the “Good News” of debt-free living.

Board Members

Allen Hare

Allen Hare

Boardmember - Immanuel Church of the Nazarene, Lansdale, PA

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Carol Dickinson

Deacon Faith Church, Worcester, PA

Pastor Gonzalo 108 X 160.jpg

Pastor Gonzalo Rodriguez

Riverdale Community Church, Bronx, NY

Pastor Gonzalo 109 X 160.jpg

Vincent Smykla

Board Member - Crossroads A/G, Hamburg, NJ

Pastor Felix Robles  106 X 160.jpg

Pastor Felix Robles

Christian Missionary Alliance, Mt. Vernon, NY

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